Top 10 Tweets

In honor of my 1000th tweet, I present to you @amossong ‘s top 10 tweets. Some are sort of inside jokes, some are just ridiculous, all are from the bottom of my heart.




Quick back story: The trending topic was #BasketballSlang and I was explaining how the expression “splash” had supplanted “swish” upon a made jump shot in common basketball colloquialism.


No idea what’s going on here 0_O


Twitter roasts need to happen more often




Quick back story 2: I had just found out that the great state of California was offering $17.50 in grant money to help fund my last semester at Cal. I think I bought a box of crayons.



I truly want to thank all my followers for hanging in there with me. I wish I could buy all of you lunch. I know I can get real silly at times but I have fun, I hope you did too. Here’s to many, many more ridiculous tweets!

Do you have a certain memorable tweet of mine that’s not here? Let me know in the comments.


One Comment on “Top 10 Tweets”

  1. Jeff Patzer says:

    Epic list!

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