Una vista de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans


Sunday morning breakfast


Today’s dinner


Feed me your birds.

Peyton Manning is a Gunner

And I love it.

While Manning and Stewart were always on friendly terms, Manning never missed a chance to gain an edge. “I locked [Stewart] out of a quarterback meeting one night,” Manning wrote. “We were scheduled to meet with coaches at eight o’clock, when a lot of the buildings on campus are closed and everything looks deserted. I was walking through one of the doors they had kept open for us and it ‘accidentally’ closed behind me, locking automatically. I knew Branndon was running late and that he’d have to get through that door. I didn’t bother to prop it back open.”

Source: http://grantland.com/features/peyton-manning-denver-broncos-offense/

The Weeknd — Drunk in Love Remix

“We be all night”

SchoolBoy Q — Man of the Year


Last Carnival — Acoustic Cafe

Thai street noodles


They don’t have many Thai restaurants around me here in New Orleans so I attempted to make my own pad c u. I couldn’t find the fat, clear egg noodles that I love so much but I did the best I could with what I could find.

Yeezus – My Initial Reaction

I’m listening to the new “Yeezus” album right now. I don’t know any features, producers, or anything really except that its Kanye’s new album. I also don’t know anything music so I’ll just say how I feel.

1. On Sight

Get this bitch shaking like Parkinson’s….

An electronica spaceship beat married punk rock catching you on the one off. This album is going to be something we’ve never ever heard before.

2. Black Skinhead

this is that goon shit, fuck up your whole afternoon shit

African Tribal drums. I hear chanting and panting with women and animals screaming. A minimal beat but yet multi-layered.

3. I Am a God

“Hurry up with my croissants!”

He’s borrowing the same bass line from the previous sound. Muted, distorted, and minimal. He compared himself to Michael (Jordan? Jackson? Tyson?). Panting and screaming — we’re in a horror movie. The beat comes back. Exit with choir music.

4. New Slaves

all you blacks want all the same thang…spending everythang on Alexander Wang

Again, a minimal, simple beat that ramps up with his lyrics. “I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”…got you homie. “The Waterboy” reference. Drumroll into a beat switch into Kanye’s sultry soulful dilapidated singing. Frank Ocean coming in…a break from brashness we’ve been hearing so far. Outro

5. Hold My Liquor

five years we been over. ask me why I came over. one more hit and I can own ya. one more fuck and I can own ya…pussy had me dead. Skinny bitch with no shouldas

Reminiscing about exes than comparing himself to Deepak Chopra. In and out of a coma the verse structure goes. The personal, introspective Kanye. Drunk singing…is this Chief Keef? Three Hunnna!!! GBE!!!! CHIRAQ!!!! Distorted electrical guitars in and out of pitch.

6. I’m In It

I held it to the right time, then she came like *&)#&$*()&@(*&)@*&#($*&_

Visceral. Eating body parts. African accent man singing. Theme of the album is a minimal bass line and then sounds are ramped up. Am I listening to an album at the MoMA?

7. Blood on the Leaves

now you sitting courtside. wifey on the other side. I call that apartheid

A reference to the song “I Am a God”. 808’s and heartbreaks – the autotune is back. Lions are roaring – a militaristic rhythm is occluding. An early WW1 French military for sure. Back to the Kanye rap-spazzing.

8. Guilt Trip

Star wars furs yea I’m rocking chew-bacca

Native American wind instruments. No seriously a Native American tribal chief is chanting around a ceremonial fire pit with his ancient windpipe instrument as Kanye raps in the background. Kid Cudi. Violin outro.

9. Send it Up

heart colder than the souls of men louis vuitton on the toes again…yeezus just rose again

Stripped gothic horror movie beat. Unknown rapper with a low disinterested flow. Hwooa. Hwooa. Not letting bitches in da club. Only white people do…

10. Bound 2

when a real nigga hold you .you supposed to drown

Ponderosa Twins Plus One sample. Kanye is talking to us on Thursday evening with the TV on in the background back in Chicago. Brenda Lee sample (uh-huh honey). Bound to keep falling in love.

In conclusion, this album is transcendent. Fantastic. At times introspective and self aware yet also beautifully and acrimoniously arrogrant and brash. The multiple perspectives show Kanye’s vision and breadth. An acoustic modern art exhibit.