Today’s dinner


Feed me your birds.


Daygo Trip

I got back from visiting my brother last week at UCSD. Huge campus. La Jolla is such a pretty place, great place to visit. What did we do? We ate like beasts! Here’s some pictures (click to enlarge):

Lucha Libre California Burrito. Michael J Fox hands, my bad

Lucha Libre Nachos! That white salsa is crack.

Only the champions get to sit here!

This Lucha Libre themed restaurant was featured on Man v. Food and it was easily my favorite Mexican spot during the trip. Fun atmosphere, fresh ingredients.

The next day we went to Phil’s BBQ. We went after the gym around 8:30 on a Tuesday night and the line was wrapped around the corner! I was like “yo, this better be worth it” And it was.

Monster Pulled Pork Sandwich

Stupid big onion rings

My meal: racks on racks on racks

Before. Team Fatty Bros for life

After. Even the champ had to tap out. SMH

It was kinda cloudy most of the week. But we still got some football throws in.

Football on da beach

On the last day we went snorkeling off La Jolla cove. We went into the caves, saw the aquatic life, and swam up mad close to the sea lions. I thought one of them might belly flop me. Someone even caught a manta ray with this bare hands Crocodile hunter status! I hadn’t been snorkeling since 08 in Vietnam and its something I wish I did more often. I always have a great time.